Horseback Riding

Live an authentic experience - There are many options for horseback riding, you will love them all !

Up to the edge of the Cordillera
All the way to the top of the property,enjoy the best viewpoint and come back through the native forest
Ride to Santo Caido
To the top of the mountain,admire the 3 Cordilleras from the Roof of the World
Ride in the Coffee Reserve
To the Manchuria Farm where you will discover all the coffee magic !
Ride down to the village of Salgar
Get off at the door of the village of Salgar, (you can go back up by jeep if the horse or the horseman are too tired)
Walk to the Santo Caído and see the town of Salgar
To the top of the mountain, down through the coffee Reserve and return by crossing through the pine forest

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